Treatment of infertility involves a thorough work-up of both the female and the male partner. This is because one third of the infertility cases are because of some kind of problem with the wife, in one third cases, problem lies in the husband and in another one third, both the partners.

The backbone of the advanced IVF treatment is an integrated work up unit where the clinician, the counselor, the blood tests, the andrology unit and the ultrasound area are under one roof. The quicker it takes for all the tests, the better. Most of the couples spend endless years moving from one clinic to another and still miss getting most of the important tests. It adds on to their already existing frustration and negativity.

When the thorough history taking, lab tests, the ultrasound and the andrology work up is done, the initial treatment involving the induction of ovulation is started if indicated. The induction of ovulation involves the use of drugs, injections or a combination of both. The comfort of having an in-house scan centre gives quick results for the size of follicle, the endometrial thickness and the time of rupture of the follicle. This, along with the availability of the 3-D scan, gives a thorough pelvic area view and we rule out any chocolate cysts, fibroids, polycystic ovaries and other infertility problems.

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