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About Department:-

Cosmo Hospital is considered one of the best Test Tube Baby Hospital in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali that offers a comprehensive range of Infertility Treatments under one roof and the Hospital is known for its innovation, integrity, medical and technical excellence and consistent willingness to accept patients facing the most difficult medical challenges. For couples struggling with Infertility, the options they face can be stressful and overwhelming.

Recognising this, Cosmo Hospital has established a state of the art Infertility Clinic and IVF Test Tube Baby Centre in the Hospital at Mohali. This Centre is staffed with highly trained Test Tube Baby Doctors and professionals to provide our patients with personalized care second to none. It is complimented by Departments of Andrology (male infertility and sexual dysfunction), Obstetrics(pregnancy) and Neonatology(newborn care) which completes the journey to happy parenthood.

The advanced IVF Centre at Cosmo Hospital is well operational with specialist panel of IVF and Infertility Doctors that provides all Infertility related treatments are:

  • IUI (Husband and Donor)
  • Semen Bank
  • Semen Analysis
  • Latest sperm function tests
  • IVF-ET
  • ICSI
  • Embryo Freezing
  • Egg Donation
  • Embryo Donation
  • Ovulation Induction
  • Controlled ovarian hyper stimulation
  • Follicle Monitoring
  • HSG
  • Laproscopy and Hysteroscopy
  • Infertility Surgeries for Male and Female
  • Management of Oligosperemia, Azoospermia
  • World Class well equipped IVF and ICSI Lab.
  • Best Quality Imported Media and Disposables used.

Common Indications of IUI by husband’s Sperms-

1. Female Factor :-

  • Anatomic defect of vagina or cervix
  • Cervical mucus problem
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Mild to moderate endometriosis
  • Hormonal problem
  • Problems of egg formation

2. Male Factor :-

  • Mild male subfertility which includes low sperm counts, low sperm motility.
  • Ejaculation and sexual problems
  • Anatomic defects of penis
  • Excess or deficient semen volume
  • Anti sperm antibodies

3. Other Factors:-

  • Unexplained infertility
  • Combined infertility factor

Sperm preparation for IUI in our center is done using best quality imported media and disposables so that the resulting sample separates the best sperms sperms from the semen sample Semen Bank .
Donor samples from certified semen bank that are tested for major infections and diseases like thalassemia are used for IUI in azoospermic cases

When is ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) done ?

  • If sperm counts are very low, there is poor sperm movement or abnormally shaped sperm, ICSI is required.
  • If the male partner does not have any sperm in his ejaculate, but he is producing sperm, they may be retrieved through testicular sperm extraction and these sperms can only be fertilized by ICSI.
  • ICSI may also be done if regular IVF treatment cycles have not achieved fertilization. Intra cyto plasmic sperm injection is done as a part of IVF. Since ICSI is done in the lab, your IVF treatment won’t seem much different without ICSI than an IVF treatment. In this procedure after retrieval of eggs, embryologist places the eggs in a special culture and using a microscope and tiny needle, a single sperm is injected in to an egg. If fertilization takes place and embryo are healthy, embryos are then transferred in the women’s womb.

Indications of IVF

  1. Women with blocked, inoperable or damaged fallopian tubes, previous ectopic pregnancies.
  2. Women with Endometriosis.
  3. Male infertility problems.
  4. Couples with Unexplained Infertility
  5. Advanced age of female
  6. Repeated IUI failure
  7. Luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome.

The team of IVF specialists, andrologist, efficient embryologists together work hard to give you results.

What is involved in IVF?

Conventional IVF involves the :

  • Administration of fertility drugs
  • Monitoring of the cycle
  • Collection of eggs
  • Mixing eggs and sperms together outside the women’s body in a culture dish.
  • Any resulting embryos are left to grow in the incubator and the best 2-3 embryos are then transferred in the women’s womb.

IVF Specialist in Chandigarh Mohali

Dr. Vandna Khera Narula
MBBS, MD (Obs and Gynae)
Infertility specialist
(Done Advanced Infertility Training from SGRH, Delhi) Life member of Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, FOGSI and IMS.


Formerly at King George Medical College,Lucknow, CMC Ludhiana and Fortis Hospital,Mohali.
Fellowship from Cleveland,USA. Life member Urological Society of India and NZUSI


Include an efficient team of embryologist with a PhD. degree and a long and vast experience in this field.

FAQS: Answers By Our Test Tube Baby, Infertility & I.V.F Specialist In Chandigarh,Mohali

A1. IUI means Intra Uterine Insemination of washed sperms into the uterine cavity.

A2. IUI is done only in condition when the fallopian tubes are open, most commonly it is beneficial for patients with low sperm counts and motility.

A3. No IUI and test tube baby are different procedures.

A4. In case of low sperm count and motility, initially IUI can be tried in cases when IUI fail or if count and motility are very low ICSI can be done.

A5. ICSI stands for Intra Uterine Sperm Injection. It is advanced technique of test tube baby.

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    • Best child hospital in Chandigarh & Mohali.
    • State of the art facility with special emphasis to maternal & child health. Headed by best child doctor & renowned surgeon Dr. Manjit Singh Sekhon.
    • 3 pediatric /child ICU for the care of sick patients.
    • 24 hours Pharmacy.
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    • Well appointed spacious patient rooms.
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