Obs & Gynae

Obstetrics & Gynecology Infertility Department is run by an experienced team of obstetricians and gynecologists. Problems related to pregnancy and childbirth, gynecological and problems related to inability to conceive are looked after. This department is backed by excellent infrastructure, state of the art labor room, operation theatres and the team of Pediatricians and neonatologists.

The department of Obstetrics & Gynecology provides optimum care through various specialty sections such as:-

  • Gynecologic oncology for the care of malignancies such as ovarian and uterine cancer.
  • Maternal-fetal medicine for women whose pregnancies require special monitoring and treatment.
  • Reproductive endocrinology offering diagnosis and treatment for infertility, menopause, and pelvic pain.
  • Urogynecology and reconstructive pelvic surgery offering evaluation and treatment of urinary and fecal incontinence, urinary tract disorders, uterovaginal prolapse, and vulvodynia.
  • Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries: ectopic pregnancies, ovarian cysts, and hysterectomies can be performed laparoscopically, both with and without the use of gas, and with least pain to body and early return to daily activities, using keyhole method of advanced modern surgery.

Dr Sulanini Suri

Consultant- Obstetrics & Gynecology


Making a decision to have a child–it’s momentous and a great feeling have your heart go walking around outside your body. The power of creating another being within oneself is greater than any other power. This period of bonding between mother and child during inception stage is completely unique to any other experience. Whether you’re newly pregnant or a new mom, you have a whole host of physical, emotional and hormonal changes taking over your body. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life and the feelings brought on by motherhood are unimaginable.

During this special/challenging period, it is not enough to have excellent medical support, but it is also extremely important to have support through information and products which make your life easier in this challenging phase of your life. We, at Cosmo Hospital will be your companion through this emotional roller coaster ride. We pride ourselves in providing solutions through information and advice to fulfill the needs of both you and your baby, making your wonderful journey together even more meaningful.

Each woman has a different need as every pregnancy is different. We offer a range of services and a team of expert obstetricians who cater to every demanding need of a woman in her journey of motherhood.


1. Do Take a Multivitamin

Eating a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals is the best way to provide your body with all of the healthy nutrients it needs to support a growing baby. A healthy diet alone, however, may not be enough for pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins contain higher levels of certain nutrients that expectant mothers require at higher doses, such as folic acid, calcium, and iron. These vitamins assist with proper development of the fetus and help to prevent birth defects. Your doctor can help you find a multivitamin or a series of vitamins that are best for you. It will usually include DHA and/or EPA, which are omega-3 fats that are important for your baby’s proper brain development.

2. Don’t Smoke

Babies born to women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have a lower birth weight and are at a greater risk for learning disabilities than children born to non-smoking mothers. Additionally, children born to women who smoke are more likely to try smoking at an earlier age and become regular smokers earlier, due to physiologic nicotine addiction.

3. Do Get Lots of Sleep

Changing hormone levels, anticipation, and anxiety can make sleep elusive during your nine months of pregnancy. Pregnancy is demanding, especially in the final trimester, and you will need your sleep. Take a quick snooze if you feel tired and schedule naps whenever you can. Set bedtimes and stick to them. Aim for seven to nine hours of shuteye each night. Fatigue is a sign that your body needs more rest, so give yourself all the Zzz’s you can.

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