Department of Dental in Cosmo Hospital Practice offers variety of
dental services which include:


Orthodontics includes a set of treatments carried out by a specialist to fix your smile. If you have crooked teeth or your teeth jut out too much or you are not happy with your smile, arrange an appointment with us and find out various treatment options available.

Children Dentistry:

Children are usually scared of clinics and doctors. Fear of unknown makes them show uncooperative behavior. Our team is specially trained to handle such kids. See your kid love dentistry at our

Teeth Whitening:

Do you have permanent stains on your teeth? Or do you have yellow teeth and want to have a 1000 watt bright smile? Ask us for different whitening systems which we can offer.

Maxillofacial Surgery:

Are your wisdom teeth troubling you? Do you have frequent infections near the last teeth? You need to get the position and condition of your wisdom teeth examined and treated if required.

Tooth Replacement:

Do you have missing teeth and want to get them replaced? We provide you options like Procera, Cercon, Metal Ceramic crowns and bridges. Implants is another emerging option for replacement
of missing teeth.

Smile Designing:

Small irregularities on your teeth can give you a compromised smile. Visit us to know more
about veneers, laminates and dental bonding which can enhance your smile and your personality.

Gum Treatment:

Are you worried that you will loose your teeth to pyorrhea or you feel that your teeth are not strong and the gums are loose. Take an appointment with us and we will tell you.

Root Canal Treatment:

Do you have a decayed tooth which doesn’t let you eat hot and cold food and is sensitive to sweet and sour? You might require an RCT.

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    • Best child hospital in Chandigarh & Mohali.
    • State of the art facility with special emphasis to maternal & child health. Headed by best child doctor & renowned surgeon Dr. Manjit Singh Sekhon.
    • 3 pediatric /child ICU for the care of sick patients.
    • 24 hours Pharmacy.
    • 24 hours Laboratory.
    • 24 hours Radiology, X- Ray, Ultra sound.
    • Well appointed spacious patient rooms.
    • 24 hours canteen service.
    • Courteous and extremely competent staff.