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Dr. Vandna Khera is the Best Infertility Specialist Doctor in Chandigarh
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About Cosmo Hospital

Cosmo Hospital is a landmark tertiary Health Care destination at Sector- 62, Phase 8, Mohali, promoted by a team of professionals. The Multi Specialty Hospital is a modern diagnostic centre and has capacity of 60 beds. The technology advantage is complemented by the man power excellence providing sophisticated and specialized medical care at affordable cost. Hospital is strategically located in Mohali (Pb) township bordering Chandigarh, having large, affluent and increasing corporate population.

Facilities Available At The Hospital Are :

  • 60 bedded hospital.
  • 24 hours emergency equipped with latest equipment.
  • 3 ICU’s which includes Neonatal, Pediatric and Adult ICU for the care of sick patients. ICUs are equipped with ventilators, monitors, central oxygen, compressed air and round the clock experienced staff.
  • 3 fully equipped operation theatres with AHU and laminar airflow. Reverse osmosis water treatment plant.
  • 24 hours Pharmacy.
  • 24 hours Laboratory.
  • 24 hours Radiology, X-Ray and Ultra sound.
  • 24 hours Ambulance Service.
  • Courteous and extremely competent staff.
  • All major medical and surgical specialties in addition to eye & ENT.